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Your best Halloween party with the best sushi in Oslo

It's not just a shocking appearance, you can try out these real fancy sushi on your Halloween with us.

The following sushi such as maki, nigiri or futo maki look really fun and well deserved as a cuisine for your Halloween party. Try it out.


Cooked sushi rice


Spring onion



Chili Mayones

Eaten-raw salmon

Spider and Pumpkin Sushi (Sushi City Wok - best sushi in Oslo)

Step 1: make rice balls by shaping the sushi round. Each rice ball should be around 55g. You can make as many rice balls as you want.

Step 2:

Spider Sushi: Wrap seaweed (nori) on the rice ball and draw a spider web with chili mayones.

Pumpkin sushi: Wrap eaten-raw salmon on top of the rice balls to create the face. Next, cut seaweed (nori) to make eyes, mouth as the pumpkin face on Halloween event as you wish. Try to be creative!

Soldier sushi: At first, make a rectangle sushi rice to create the body of soldier sushi. Then, cut seaweed to cover the body.

Step 3: You can cut cucumber or spring onion to decorate your fancy sushi. The more you are creative on your masterpiece, the more happily you enjoy your memorable Halloween event.

Soldier sushi (Sushi City Wok - best sushi in Oslo)

Don't miss it out! Try to do it yourself at home or order at Sushi City Wok for your memorable Halloween party this year by following here:

Telephone: 992 00 888


Order online:

Happy Halloween with Sushi City Wok (best sushi in Oslo)

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